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Refresher Skills Workshop for Experienced Leaders




2 Hours


About the Course

Course Description: The Refresher Skills Workshop for Leaders is a dynamic 2-hour course designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to refresh and enhance their core skills essential for effective leadership. This interactive workshop offers a focused and practical approach to sharpening leadership competencies, enabling participants to strengthen their leadership abilities and increase their impact within their organizations. Through engaging discussions, activities, and self-reflection, leaders will gain valuable insights and tools to excel in their roles.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Review and Enhance Core Leadership Skills: Refresh essential leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and delegation to optimize leadership effectiveness.

  2. Adapt to Changing Leadership Contexts: Explore strategies for adapting leadership approaches to different contexts, such as virtual teams, diverse workforces, and evolving organizational landscapes.

  3. Strengthen Emotional Intelligence: Develop self-awareness and empathy, and enhance interpersonal skills to foster stronger relationships and lead with empathy and resilience.

  4. Refine Coaching and Mentoring Skills: Fine-tune coaching and mentoring abilities to empower and develop team members, fostering their growth and unlocking their full potential.

  5. Enhance Conflict Management and Collaboration: Acquire strategies to effectively manage conflicts, promote constructive dialogue, and build a collaborative work culture that drives productivity and innovation.

  6. Build Resilience and Well-being: Learn techniques to manage stress, build resilience, and prioritize well-being as a leader, ensuring sustained effectiveness and personal fulfillment.

Course Format: The Refresher Skills Workshop for Leaders employs a highly interactive and participant-centered approach. The course combines instructor-led presentations, group discussions, case studies, role-playing exercises, and individual reflection activities. Through hands-on exercises and practical application, participants will engage in skill-building activities that allow them to immediately apply their learnings. The workshop encourages collaboration, sharing of insights, and peer learning to enhance the overall experience.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for leaders at all levels who have some prior experience in leadership roles and seek to refresh and strengthen their leadership skills. It is ideal for managers, supervisors, team leaders, project leads, and professionals aspiring to leadership positions. Additionally, individuals who want to enhance their leadership effectiveness, adapt to changing leadership contexts, and acquire new strategies to drive success in their organizations will benefit from attending this workshop. The course is suitable for leaders from various industries and sectors, irrespective of their specific functional roles.

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